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Alchemy is a process in which 3 materials are mixed together in order to produce another. Though inefficient, it is a means to transform materials you do not need into ones you do. The command is: alchemy <material 1> <material 2> <material 3>. Ie: alchemy jasper quartz silk. This will take these three materials (provided you have them) and mix them to create another material, in this case they will become a cedar branch. You can mix multiple of the same material with the same syntax, ie: alchemy amber amber cotton. They can be listed in quotes should you need to specify the entire name, such as 'iron bar' rather than just 'iron' which would use iron ore. The process is not random, but rather follows a specific formula based on the materials used in the mix, so it is possible to create the exact materials you want provided you figure out the formula or stumble upon a working mixture. Note that it is possible for a mixture to fail; this is not chance, but rather due to the mix of materials, so if a certain mixture fails, it would be unwise to try it again.

Alchemical Formulae[]

Think of alchemy as using a numeric chain that stops at 36 and loops back to 1. For example:


However, if your total equals one of the "Refined" material numbers, your alchemy will fail. Anything that totals 28, 29, 31, 33, 35 or 36 will fail, as these materials must instead be refined from their base components. These numbers have been highlighted below.

Alchemy Table

Obsidian 1
Jasper 2
Amber 3
Citrine 4
Hematite 5
Quartz 6
Mercury 7
Oil 8
Rubbery Gum 9
Leather 10
Fur 11
Silk 12
Cotton 13
Lazuli 14
Turquoise 15
Acid 16
Wood 17
Flax 18
Pine 19
Cedar 20
Oak 21
Maple 22
Granite 23
Marble 24
Limestone 25
Agate 26
Coral 27
Cotton Fabric 28
Silk Fabric 29
Copper Ore 30
Copper Bar 31
Iron Ore 32
Iron Bar 33
Adamantite 34
Adamantite Bar 35
Burlap Fabric 36

Some examples[]

Product Material 1 Material 2 Material 3
Acid Adamantite Rubber Rubber
Acid Agate Flax Oil
Acid Amber Fur Jasper
Acid Hematite Limestone Maple
Adamantite Coral Fur Iron
Adamantite Cotton Cotton Oil
Adamantite Cotton Fur Leather
Adamantite Cotton Iron Limestone
Adamantite Cotton Rubber Silk
Adamantite Flax Oil Oil
Adamantite Fur Fur Silk
Adamantite Fur Lapis Rubber
Agate Adamantite Flax Leather
Agate Cotton Fur Jasper
Agate Hematite Iron Limestone
Agate Limestone Maple Turquoise
Amber Adamantite Iron Rubber
Amber Cotton Flax Oil
Amber Cotton Lapis Silk
Amber Flax Iron Limestone
Amber Flax Jasper Pine
Amber Hematite Limestone Rubber
Amber Iron Obsidian Quartz
Amber Maple Oil Rubber
Cedar Adamantite Fur fur
Cedar Amber Oil Rubber
Cedar Copper Flax Oil
Cedar Iron Silk Silk
Cedar Limestone Pine Silk
Citrine Adamantite Coral Turquoise
Citrine Amber Maple Turquoise
Citrine Coral Fur Jasper
Citrine Coral Mercury Quartz
Citrine Cotton Jasper Limestone
Citrine Flax Lapis Oil
Citrine Fur Leather Pine
Citrine Pine Rubber Silk
Copper Adamantite Turquoise Wood
Copper Citrine Cotton Cotton
Copper Citrine Flax Oil
Copper Citrine Hematite Oak
Copper Cotton Hematite Silk
Copper Granite Marble Pine
Coral Adamantite Flax Fur
Coral Cedar Fur Iron
Coral Citrine Lapis Rubber
Coral Cotton Flax Iron
Coral Flax Obsidian Oil
Coral Rubber Rubber Rubber
Cotton Adamantite Quartz Rubber
Cotton Adamantite Hematite Leather
Cotton Agate Coral Iron
Cotton Amber Jasper Oil
Cotton Cedar Leather Pine
Cotton Granite Flax Oil
Cotton Hematite Iron Silk
Cotton Jasper Leather Obsidian
Cotton Iron Oil Rubber
Cotton Lapis Leather Limestone
Flax Citrine Jasper Silk
Flax Leather Limestone Pine
Flax Maple Turquoise Wood
Flax Obsidian Oil Rubber
Fur Flax Oak Oil
Granite Adamantite Cotton Silk
Granite Amber Fur Rubber
Granite Coral Turquoise Wood
Granite Flax Iron Rubber
Hematite Adamantite Adamantite Rubber
Hematite Adamantite Adamantite Silk
Hematite Cedar Fur Leather
Hematite Flax Oil Turquosie
Hematite Leather Maple Rubber
Hematite Rubber Turquoise Wood
Iron Adamantite Agate Oil
Iron Amber Hematite Rubber
Iron Flax Oil Quartz
Iron Oil Rubber Turquoise
Jasper Adamantite Flax Maple
Jasper Amber Copper Hematite
Jasper Cedar Iron Maple
Jasper Cedar Rubber Rubber
Jasper Cotton Cotton Silk
Jasper Flax Oil Silk
Jasper Hematite Limestone Oil
Jasper Limestone Mercury Quartz
Lapis Amber Jasper Rubber
Lapis Cotton Cotton Marble
Lapis Cotton Flax Pine
Lapis Flax Marble Oil
Lapis Flax Turquoise Wood
Lapis Iron Rubber Rubber
Lapis Pine Pine Silk
Leather Agate Fur Rubber
Leather Cedar Cotton Cotton
Leather Cedar Flax Oil
Leather Hematite Iron Rubber
Leather Lapis Limestone Mercury
Leather Lapis Turquoise Wood
Leather Limestone Rubber Silk
Limestone Adamantite Oil Pine
Limestone Cedar Maple Pine
Limestone Citrine Fur Leather
Limestone Leather Quartz Rubber
Limestone Mercury Quartz Silk
Maple Adamantite Silk Silk
Maple Amber Jasper Wood
Maple Amber Leather Rubber
Maple Flax Iron Oil


Hematite Iron Oak
Maple Limestone Limestone Oil
Maple Iron Lapis Silk
Marble Adamantite Copper Iron
Marble Adamantite Flax Oil
Marble Adamantite Fur Turquoise
Marble Amber Jasper Pine
Marble Citrine Cotton Mercury
Marble Hematite Leather Rubber
Mercury Adamantite Adamantite Fur
Mercury Cotton Flax Silk
Mercury Citrine Lapis Limestone
Mercury Flax Oil Wood
Mercury Leather Marble Rubber
Oak Adamantite Fur Silk
Oak Adamantite Oil Turquosie
Oak Amber Leather Oil
Oak Cedar Flax Pine
Oak Cotton Limestone Pine
Oak Jasper Hematite Lapis
Oak Lapis Obsidian Quartz
Oak Limestone Turquoise Wood
Oak Marble Marble Rubber
Obsidian Adamantite Cedar Pine
Obsidian Amber Iron Jasper
Obsidian Cedar Copper Granite
Obsidian Flax Fur Oil
Obsidian Fur Lapis Silk
Obsidian Hematite Limestone Mercury
Obsidian Lapis Oil Turquoise
Obsidian Pine Rubber Rubber
Oil Adamantite Adamantite Rubber
Oil Cedar Jasper Maple
Oil Cotton Fur Pine
Oil Cotton Maple Rubber
Oil Cotton Pine Silk
Oil Hematite Lapis Limestone
Oil Leather Limestone Rubber
Pine Coral Flax Leather
Pine Cotton Iron Leather
Pine Flax Hematite Iron
Pine Iron Maple Obsidian
Quartz Acid Flax Oil
Quartz Adamantite Agate Flax
Quartz Amber Jasper Obsidian
Quartz Copper Marble Marble
Quartz Cotton Leather Pine
Quartz Leather Limestone Mercury
Quartz Leather Turquoise Wood
Quartz Limestone Oil Rubber
Quartz Marble Rubber Rubber
Rubber Adamantite Adamantite Cotton
Rubber Amber Coral Turquoise
Rubber Amber Jasper Citrine
Rubber Citrine Coral Lapis
Rubber Cotton Cotton Pine
Rubber Flax Oil Pine
Rubber Lapis Limestone Quartz
Silk Adamantite Amber Fur
Silk Adamantite Flax Iron
Silk Citrine Mercury Obsidian
Silk Cotton Leather Limestone
Silk Coral Fur Leather
Silk Flax Hematite Limestone
Silk Flax Maple Oil
Silk Hematite Obsidian Quartz
Turquoise Adamantite Adamantite Pine
Turquoise Adamantite Hematite Silk
Turquoise Adamantite Oil Rubber
Turquoise Amber Jasper Leather
Turquoise Cotton Pine Pine
Turquoise Flax Limestone Oil
Turquoise Hematite Iron Lapis
Turquoise Hematite Limestone Oak
Turquoise Iron Leather Rubber
Turquoise Lapis Limestone Silk
Wood Adamantite Leather Rubber
Wood Amber Hematite Rubber
Wood Cedar Fur Maple
Wood Coral Copper Iron
Wood Coral Flax Oil
Wood Coral Fur Turquoise
Wood Fur Iron Leather