Dark Skies - A Godwars MUD Wiki

The arena is a place where everyone can join in to participate in a sort of tournament. Fights are 1-on-1, but you have to find an opponent. Upon winning, simply tie your victim and they'll be kicked out of the arena and given an arena loss. Last one standing is the victor.

Upon joining, you will be given a new set of equipment consisting of celtic and any classeq you need, including new weapons and a new mastery item. This set tries to place gems and slabs in the same locations as your normal set of eq as well as makes sure you are not missing any vital effects such as sanctuary. Other than artifacts, you cannot wear anything other than this equipment in an arena. You are allowed to forge more gems and slabs onto this equipment, but any other forgeable item is not allowed. This equipment is removed upon exiting the arena and your previous equipment is re-equipped.

Upon winning, you gain an arena win and a random prize. See help prize for a little info on these. You also gain some arena points, which can be used to buy specific prizes with the 'abuy' command. You also gain an arena point for every person you beat in an arena and you also get a few just for joining.

Keep in mind that the use of any invis/ether/shadowplane/objectform powers will result in harsh punishment.

Arena Commands[]

  • Arenastats - Shows the stats on the people in the arena.
  • Arenajoin  - Lets you join the arena when it opens.
  • Resign     - Give up, you'll leave the arena and get an arena loss.
  • Timer      - Time until the next arena is displayed.

Team Arenas[]

There is a chance that an arena will become a Team Arena. These work the same except that everyone is grouped into teams of 2 or more. View who to see who is paired together (Arena will be the same color). Grouped members cannot attack each other and the arena ends when one player or one team remains. If all members of a team remain at the end, each are awarded a prize as well as some extra arena points.

Arena AI[]

Most arenas will have AI players join in. They can appear in both standard 1-on-1 arenas as well as team arenas. Normally they sit still waiting to be attacked, but waiting around too long will cause them to start hunting down players.