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Suggested fightstyles:

Selected options: 1:[trip] 2:[jumpkick] 3:[headbutt] 4:[backfist] 5:[spinkick] 6:[sweep] 7:[kick] 8:[elbow].

Rip and disarm can be countered by stoneskin and weapon loyalty flags, and are therefore unreliable.

Combat flow

*)CHAT(* [Raphael] .x[Monk]x. 'i handshifted to pound or crush'

*)CHAT(* [Raphael] .x[Monk]x. 'whicher is iron palm wave'

*)CHAT(* [Raphael] .x[Monk]x. 'i cant remember'

*)CHAT(* [Raphael] .x[Monk]x. 'one of those makes ipw way better'

*)CHAT(* [Raphael] .x[Monk]x. 'id do 2 ipws and a bell'


thrust thrust knee elbow - big dipper rising - Higher melee dmg

reverse knee sweep - Slaughter Hell Kick - Paralyze, with a 7,5 - 10k dmg

thrust elbow thrust - Dragon Head strike - Lightningkic

spinkick sweep palmstrike - palm wave - Attack based on HP

Backfist elbow thrust - Dark bell - Special attacks