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Brbrainerd Brbrainerd 4 April 2010

Ninja logs

If I wanted my retarded cousin to play Dark Skies, I'd probably tell him to roll a dragon. Or a drow. Or a uk, or a tan. But I digress. Because I don't spend my weekends drooling on myself, I thought I'd give ninjas a try. An honest try. I've logged more than 50 hours playing one, and have died about 20 times, never going above 2 status (thanks gladiator!). I made a post about this, which, unfortunately, fell on deaf ears. Akurei asked for logs. Well buddy, logs I got.

I should add that this character is pretty geared out (for 0 status). Tajik has full talisman, questing, adamantite, celticeq, arena gear, etc. How did I get them, if I can't beat the AI? THROUGH PAIN AND GODDAMN SUFFERING.

You'll notice the difference it makes.

Fight #1 - Taji…

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