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Midgaard: the home city of Dark Skies.

Welcome to the Dark Skies wiki!!

Dark Skies is the most popular God Wars: Dystopia-based mud on the web.  It receives regular updates in response to player feedback, and provides advancement by fighting sophisticated AI opponents when player targets are unavailable or undesired.

We have the following classes:

Angel , Assassin, Avenger , Demon, Dragon, Drow, Kekkaishi , Lich , Monk, Native, Ninja, PhoenixReapers (under development), Samurai, ShadowShapeshifter, Shinobi , Sorceror, Spider Droid, Tanarri , Taross , Undead Knight, Vampire, Warlock, Werewolf , Zombie

We have an infinite number of procedurally-generated getquests, scavenger hunt questing, and casino gambling. Special equipment can be earned through in-game quests and enhanced by consuming crafted items. A brand new War Zone has been added in order to take your PvP experience to the next level.

In Dark Skies you are still able to advance your character even when there are no other players to fight.  A new battle arena starts every 30 minutes, and the Gladiator Coliseum can be enterend at any time allowing you to learn the ropes against AI copies of other players and earn valuable points at the same time.

There are some very interactive and intriguing quest areas, including the huge puzzle area Mirage Island.

If you're interested in giving it a shot, or have already started and want some info on what there is to do, check out the Getting Started page!

Our immortal staff is friendly and helpful. Come visit and view all of our additional features for yourself...


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  • This wiki was created by B.R. Brainerd, who uses the player names Legend, Tide, Tajik, Arkhan, Thanandar, and others in-game.  Feel free to say hello!

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