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Demons do not steal souls in DarkSkies.

  • Inpart - use this to give youself demonic powers.
  • Warps - shows warps alrdy gained.
  • Obtain - use this to gain warps (15000 dp each).
  • Disciplines - use research to begin a discipline, when you get a message that you are done, use the train command to improve.
  • Weaponform - use this to transform yourself into a weapon, use the command humanform to return.

Also read help on demondiscs, demonpower, warps and evileye for more information.

Demon Pros[]

Solid PvP choice. Blink and unnerve will mess up your opponent's rhythm, putting them on the defensive. This is especially good against combo classes.

Demon Cons[]

Probably the worst class in the game for fighting mobiles, which is significant in DarkSkies. Probably the class most sensitive to proper timing.

Demon Guide by Brbrainerd[]

Train your disciplines, and max attack first as it increases damcap. Immunae increases the demon's toughness. Get all your warps, and inpart everything. Once maxxed, your basic combat flow is: open with a timed unnerve; your opponent might miss it in the combat spam. Then you can either unnerve again, which will make it more difficult for your opponent to restance, or use leech. If you get unstanced yourself, blink. The first time you use unnerve on an opponent they will relax from their fighting stance. If they do not restance and you use unnerve again they will be "shitstanced". Only use blink on an opponent who is "shitstanced". If they are only unstanced it will automatically restance them. Leech is usually better than blink as blink can be dodged (unless your opponent is webbed). However there are certain classes and situations in which it's better to blink.