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Dragons are a very ancient, mystical race of beings, that have existed long before man. Their skins are made up of hard scales and most have wings with which to fly with. They have extremely powerful claws which can tear flesh and their teeth are sharp enough to rip through metal. When a dragon is born it begins in the form of an egg, when hatched it is quite small in stature and very weak. Over a great length of time dragons mature into larger, stronger creatures capable of destroying cities. The eldest of dragons are so powerful that to stand against one is certain death. Dragons also come in a variety of colors, which characterize their powers. Although thought to be large lizards, dragons are actually magical in nature; their origin is shrouded in mystery and legend. They have been both celebrated and feared by man, but always respected. These creatures are truely one of nature's greatest accomplishments.

Dragform - Command to change from Dragon form to human and back.
Consume - Consume corpses to gain dragon points. (autosac will auto-consume)
Dgain - Learn various powers.
Age - Increase your age, becoming stronger and unlocking more powers to learn.
Fbreath - Deal damage with a breath of fire.
Lbreath - Deal damage with a breath of electricity.
Cbreath - Deal damage with a breath of frost.
Abreath - Deal damage with a breath of acid.
Gbreath - Fill the room with a poisonous gas.
Dfly - Dragon travel command.
Dswoop - Enhanced travel command used to swoop down and attack players with.
Dgem - Command used to make dragon gems which store dpoints or special effects.
Hatch - Command to make new dragons. Hatching a new dragon requires 100k dpoints.
Dlick - Regenerates hp, mana, move, and missing limbs.
Dconfuse - Used in combat to confuse the enemy and weaken their will to fight.
Terror - Stand in a menacing pose, discouraging others from attacking you.

Dragon Gems

Emerald - This gem has some effect on your acid breath.

Silver - This gem softens your scales a bit.

Obsidian - This gem fortifies your imposing appearance.

Zirconia - This gem has some effect on your poisonous breath.

Malachite - This gem thickens your saliva.

Ametrine - This gem has some effect on your constricting curse.