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Mobquesting is an alternative to exping. Simply type 'getquest' to be assigned a mob to capture, and scrambled clue to help out figure out which target you need to find. If you can't tell what the mob name is, type 'getquest' a few more times to. Once you know what mob you're looking for, find it and try using 'capture' on it.

High level mobs will be able to dodge your net.  These mobs will have to be damaged first before you will be able to capture them. It's also possible that trying to capture it will result in it attacking you.

You will immediately receive your quest points reward upon a successful capture. Your reward scales with several factors the most important of which are the level of the mob and your status level. There is also a bonus for newbie hours, happy hour, and how many consecutive captures you've made without using stopquest.

Should you be assigned a mob that you can't find, or for whatever reason cannot capture, type 'stopquest' to cancel it. You can then use 'getquest' again.

If you are grouped with other players, 1/5 of the qp reward you get for capturing a mob will be transfered to each one. Likewise, 1/5 of the qps that your group members get will be transfered to you. To get the qps, the grouped member must not be idle for more than roughly a minute and must be connected (not link-dead or in note write).

There are extra bonuses given for certain amounts of consecutive captures.  These bonuses are given once per 2 hours of play time. There are 2 separate groups of prizes depending on which branch you choose: 'qp' or 'pk'. Use the command 'getquestprize' to choose. The qp prizes are geared towards character creation and include additional qps, trademarks, and prize vouchers.  The pk prizes do not give any qps, but instead give various points and other pk-related benefits. Here is the list of prizes for each branch and the number of consecutive getquests to get them:

QP Rewards[]

Consecutive Getquests Reward
10 Extra qps
20 Trademarks
30 Voucher for happy hour or golden age
40 Prize vouchers

These prizes repeat at 50, 65, 80, and 100.

PK Rewards[]

Consecutive Getquests Reward
10 Arena points or Ragpoints
20 Rival points and/or Kpoints
30 Stat boost (spell boost if above a certain amount)
40 Voucher for Endless Carnage
50 Increase to bonuspool gains
70 Random removal of names in spamcap
85 Rival gain cap in coliseum raised
100 Slab of Azherium (+stats, random and very small amount, can be detrimental)

Every 5th capture except for those above give a random prize of rivals, apoints, ragpoints, or an increase to your bounty.

Prizes 50 and 85 stay in effect until the prize counter resets after 2 hours. Azherium slabs are not restored upon unforging them.