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The Gladiator Challenge is a survival bout against several AI opponents. At first there will be 5 opponents, and for every tier you've gained, there will be another, up to a maximum of 10 fights. The first will be at the same status level as you, and each successive opponent will have one more status than the last (with a maximum of five status higher than you). You fight one at a time and are healed between fights as well as given a short amount of time to prepare yourself.

Once the opponent arrives, you have a very short amount of time to check where and who to see who it is and what class they are before they start hunting you down.

Defeat every opponent and you will be transferred to the altar.

  • You must be in the room up from South of the Temple to start the challenge by typing gladiator
  • Up to 5 players can take the challenge at a time individually.
  • If you want to prevent other players from spectating you or your opponents, use config +nospect.


Note that there is a 200k quest points fee to take the challenge, and that there is a timer before you can take the challenge again. Also note that there is a timer during the fights as well - if it runs down (about 10 minutes) you will be forced out of the coliseum even if you are still fighting. These timers can be checked on score.


For each opponent you defeat you will gain rival points . How many you get depends on your status level within your tier. Ie, if you have 10 status at tier 2, you will get about 2/3 the points you would get if you were at 20 status. At tier 6 your status level no longer matters and you get full points for every win. Those in kingdoms will also receive kingdom points throughout the fights.

Once it's determined that you've gained 'enough' rivals/kpoints for your tier level (rival/kp cap), your earnings will be greatly reduced to encourage you to remort. Rivals/kps earned through PKing players also counts towards reaching your caps. Your caps are slightly increased as your character gains in age (based on creation time).