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Lich are very interesting class indeed. Their victory hinges on the golems you use and the timing with which you 'unleash' them.

The golems: Fire, Clay, Stone, Iron, Bone, Water, Diamond, Rune, Paper

*Paper and Rune golems are achievable with artifacts only.

Unleash effects:

Fire - damages entire room, even you

Clay - sticks opponent with mud pretty bad (great against melee classes like samurai/avenger/ninja)

Stone - Gives you a boost on armor

Iron - heals you pretty decently

Bone - puts up a wall (really only great against the bouncy avenger)

Water - you get to flee the room without fail

Diamond - it's supposed to stun your opponent pretty bad (heavy lag)

Rune - HUGE stat buffs to lich (usually a prefight thing)

Paper - forces opponent to remove all equipment

chant damage is your main middie against everybody

chant bless if you're not using rune golem

chant curse every opponent, every time

chaosmagic rarely works

powertransfer - useful after you unleash a water golem for a quick heal, try to get 2 in between combat

polarity - steals opponents mana, and gives you health - it's a weak effect - wouldn't recommend trying to rely on this

painwreck - a very situational power only useful vs combo classes as it adds a very little bit of lag.

Equipment strategy: I went full psyche with mine, dont regret it.

Fight strategy: The most important aspect of fighting for liches is which golem they use. Chant damage is your bread and butter.

That's the general strategy. Sometimes you'll be fighting AI that likes to dispel their debuffs.. at that point I unleash my golem, and continue chant damage

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