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Materials are special types of objects marked with their own flag (M). They are sometimes found as you kill mobiles with the chances of finding them being highest on stronger, longer lived mobs. The command materials can be used to view which materials you carry. Using the craft command, you can see what objects can be created through the use of materials. You can use the recipe command to see which materials are needed to craft particular items. Some materials cannot be found on mobiles and are infact advanced materials which are made from more basic ones by use of the refine command. You can buy and sell materials on the tradepost.

Here is a brief description of the types of objects that can be crafted:

  • Hilts
    • Hilts are forged onto weapons and add various affects. The affects can be viewed by casting identify on the weapon.
  • Pommels
    • Pommels are forged onto weapons and add a specific spell that is cast every round in combat.
  • Talismans
    • Talismans are forged onto weapons and armor and have various affects that you must find through experimentation and observation.
  • Disposables
    • Disposables are stand-alone objects that are used when needed with the 'use' command. These generally aid combat in some fashion. As the name suggests, these are one-time uses.

List of Materials[]

an obsidian shard
a jasper splinter
an amber node
a citrine fragment
a hematite stone
a quartz rock
a drop of mercury
an essential oil
a rubbery gum
a tanned leather hide
a patch of fur
a silk fiber
a cotton fiber
a lapis lazuli remnant
a turquoise jewel
a spot of acid
a wood fiber
a flax fiber
a pine twig
a cedar branch
an oak chunk
a maple sliver
a granite leaving
some marble dust
a limestone piece
an agate rock
a coral wedge
some cotton fabric
some silk fabric
a copper ore
a copper bar
an iron ore
an iron bar
an adamantite ore
an adamantite bar
some burlap fabric

Also see help on: scavenge, alchemy