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Natives are savages of the forest from long ago. They have a close bond with spirits and animals, particularly wolves. They are highly proficient at the use of bows and tomahawks. While having long-distance fighting capabilities with their bows, natives are also very good close-range fighters.  

Natives have access to the following abilities:

naturetrain - learn the secrets of the natives
naturesense - gain the eyes of the forest
net - prevent your opponent from fleeing
warcry - prepares yourself for war (adds 500 hitroll/damroll)
natureform - become a true native warrior
vineswing - class travel
tomahawk - throw a tomahawk at your opponent for minor damage
vex - place a curse on your opponent
barbedarrow - fire an arrow covered in thorns at your opponent
icearrow - fire an arrow encased in ice at your opponent
flamingarrow - fire an arrow engulfed in flames at your opponent
poisonarrow - fire an arrow covered in poison at your opponent
shadowarrow - fire an arrow shrouded in darkness at your opponent

Class designed by Toxic and written by Akurei for Dark Skies.


Natives have 6 combos that they can use.

  • Blood of the Berserker - "Unleash the fury of the Berserker." (barbed, flaming, flaming - hits 4x (1x flaming arrow, 3x BotB)) -- High damage, enhanced by the number of arrows you have remaining.
  • Call of the Wolves - "Summon wolves to assist you in combat." (flaming, shadow, barbed) -- Adds automatic melee attacks and increases your melee damage (Must have at least 4 arrows to activate, cannot be reactivated before "Rage of the Fae lost" is displayed).
  • Yggdrasil Pulse - "Pray to Yggdrasil for healing." (flaming, flaming, shadow) - heals ~10% of your maximum hp, usable only once every X seconds.
  • Shadows of the Forest - "Fade in and out of sight making it harder to be hit." (poison, ice, shadow) -- adding a 5 out of 23 chance to dodge any incoming melee attack, similar to a shadow's dodge or a drow's darkaura.  You must have at least 4 arrows, and this combo cannot be refreshed before "Strength of Oak lost" is displayed.)
  • Nehebkau Binding - "Poison your opponent." (shadow, poison, poison) dealing 2% max hp damage each round, or 3% with the appropriate Vex, making this a solid opener.
  • Ice Shock - "Stun your opponent." (ice, flaming)

Note: Vex can be used to increase the potency of these combos.


The 'vex' command enables you to spend one round enhancing your other combos. Because native combos are not spammable and tomahawk has low damage, it is often to your benefit to use this ability. Using vex picks one of four effects at random:

  • Spirit of Decay: Increases poison damage by an additional 1% of maximum hp per round.
  • Spirit of Wrath: Allows the use of 1 more arrow to potentially increase Blood of the Berserker's damage.
  • Spirit of Binding: Increases Shadows of the Forest dodge from 5/23 to 8/23.
  • As a fourth and final effect, 25% of the time vex will regenerate 1 arrow instantly.

Raphael says 'always vex poison'.

Raphael says 'and get the vex arti'.

Raphael says 'the whetstone makes tomahawk rig'.

Raphael says 'i always open with the poison combo'.

Raphael says 'then tomahawk, then ygdrassil heal'.

Raphael says 'then toma twice'.

Raphael says 'then botb'.

Raphael says 'never use the wolves or the dodge'.

Raphael says 'just fucking go hard with the poison and heal and berserker'.

Raphael says 'you need psyche for tomas and combos'.

Raphael says 'dr for your melee'.