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Ninja's are warriors trained in the dark art of Ninjutsu. They fight using stealth and quickness making them a deadly foe. Ninja's have few, yet powerful powers at their disposal, and when these powers are mastered a ninja can be a most powerful adversary. Through stealth and guile a ninja may appear, unleash a devastating attack and vanish just as quickly. Unfortunately, if you were to try to run from a master ninja with such ease you would find yourself hard pressed to make it out alive.

It is vital for a ninja to focus his or her Ki, this is done with the command 'michi'. A ninja CANNOT regen while not in a state of michi. Ninjas are ranked with a system of belts. Each belt adds more punch to the ninjas abilities in combat, meaning more damage, better dodge, more attacks, etc. Belts can be trained with the command 'train belt' where X is the current belt that the ninja wish to learn.

To create ninja armor: classeq
Class channel: miktalk
Class travel: stalk
Distract: Open your defenses for a round to gain surprise.
Cease: Stop a combo mid-move to start again.
Read help on principles, ninjamoves and ninjacombos.

NOTE : Ninjas are a unique class for Dark Skies. Designed by Blackout.

Ninja Guide by B.R. Brainerd[]

You should have a fully charged shuriken storm ready to go. Use decoy or barrage after that, then spam waterfall kick. Use distract to gain surprise when at 30 or below.

Ninjas have high melee defenses which makes them excellent material farmers. However, they are very poor candidates for earning Battle Arena Points outside of the Hard and Group arenas.

Ninjas are perhaps the best class in the game at escaping from a fight.