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Raccoon City is a large, incredibly detailed replica of the first half(ish) of Resident Evil 2, created by Akurei.

It's split into two sections, each of which can be entered separate from one another.  Only one player can be in Raccoon City at a time, and their time in there is limited (although the time is extended by completing certain goals).

Just like the video game, you can use Ink Ribbons with Typewriters to save your progress, allowing you to continue from where you left off the last time.

Combat Healing in Raccoon City is limited,with many abilities like Sanctum, GHeart, Salve, Sorb, etc not healing any HP during combat - instead you have to eat Green Herbs found throughout the area.  Use them carefully!

Each section of Raccoon City awards a total of 25 IQP (acquired for completing specific goals or defeating specific bosses), usable with iqpbuy to purchase forgeable charms with potent effects.  IQP can only be received once per character, so Raccoon is not farmable.

Pay very close attention to the room descriptions, many interactable objects are described there!