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Not much is known about Reapers other than they are a force to be reckoned with.  They rely on their combos to deal damage while building up their strength to unleash the might of their powers. Reapers have a total of 10 combos and you start with 4 builder combos and a special once requirements are met.

Add %k to your prompt to see the gauge that combos build up.  

At each tier until you have all combos you can gain 1 new combo.

Reaper Powers[]

All Reaper Noncombination Powers
Command Effect
Miasma Basic truesight
Recovery Automatic, random chance to recover after being stunned.
Unbreakable Will Scry shield
Reaperform Standard +hitroll/+damroll self buff

To gain their powers Reapers use the 'Reapergain' command.

Reaper Combos[]

Reapers' Four Builder Combos
Combo Sequence Effect
jab;kick;slam;elbow;uppercut Siphon your target's strength, making you stronger
kick;dash;elbow;uppercut;spink "You feel death's presence watching over you" - must have 50 built up in gauge to be effective (prompt %k). Builds in strength as combat goes on, and then explodes for BIG damage
slam;jab;upper Shadow Dodge defense
dash;dash;enz;jab Big Damage (e.g. Lightning Kick)

Reapers as a Combo Class[]

Reapers cannot queue combos to prepare for a fight.  Shortly after exiting combat you will see the message "You lose focus on your attacks," meaning the next time you enter combat you will have to restart your combo over from the beginning.  This distinguishes them from Shadows, who have to maintain short-duration buffs by using combos on themselves, and Monks who usually queue the first two moves of their opening combo before fighting.  

Grim Weighs In[]

Grim is the reaper classleader as of this writing, and he offered some advice about reaper combos:

The combos are actually listed in order first four are builder

Death's Caress seems to make a damage counter and when you have taken a certain amount it returns it to opponent (rarely works for me it always shatters)

Ki Burst is just was the name suggests

Dread temp disable opponents commands and makes them do socials

Twilight Shroud no clue

Finales Funkeln stronger Ki burst may have added effects

Malefic Visions Some uber version of fear or something