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Despite declaring themselves the "master of arms," Samurai are a midround-dependant class. Combos must be executed quickly and repeatedly; delay even a tiny amount and you will likely lose. The same combos are generally used against all opponents. Samurai have the following abilities:

Ancestralpath -  Class portal.
Techniques    -  Start using the ancient fighting techniques.
Martial       -  Command to learn the combos.
Dojo          -  Show all other samurai.
Masterheal    -  Advanced healing power.

Samurai Combos[]

Combos are the heart and soul of the Samurai class. By placing %k into your prompt, you can view your current level of focus. This meter starts out at 0 and increases when combo moves are performed. The combo moves are:

Slide         1 point
Sidestep      2 points
Block         4 points
Countermove   8 points
Swiftstrike  16 points

When a Samurai's focus hits a number divisible by 5, he will automatically execute one of the following combos:

10 - direct damage
15 - disarm (easily countered by loyalty flag on weapons - recommend skipping)
20 - stun
25 - hurl your opponent out of the room (recommend skipping, alternately you can hurl and then heal kite)
30 - 4k self-heal
35 - big attack
40 - Artifact(Mark of the Bushido) Medium attack that heals for the damage done
45 - Debuff(Varies depending on circumstance)
50 - Stun with possibility of miss
60 - Big high damage attack

At 10 status, combo 45 is accessible. At 20 status, combo 50 is accessible. At 30 status, combo 60 is accessible.

You cannot execute same combo twice. Upon reaching your focus cap, you must use the 'focus' command to use your combos again. This command returns you to random number below 1/3 of your current focus IE: if you focus at 60 you will be returned to a random number 40 or below.

Samurai Tips[]

Like Sorcerors, Samurai are balanced with all of their abilities in mind -- including those combos which you can't access until higher status. Currently this makes Samuai a "detox class," meaning once your character is high in status they become a strong option. However you're unlikely to make it to 30 status from 0 status as a Samurai.

Against virtually all opponents, the suggested order of combo executio is: 10, 20, 30, 35 (repeat). Paralysis (number 20) is perhaps your strongest combo, making Samurai into a good killer of midround-dependant classes.

Make sure you "quest extra loyal" onto your weapons. I would recommend equipping yourself defensively, with shield talismen for example. The more combos a Samurai can execute, the better their chance of success.