Dark Skies - A Godwars MUD Wiki
Shadows are deadly assassins of the night. Once mortal, these cruel killers made a deal with Hades and gained demonic strength and resilience. They rely on their demonic powers as well as their abilities to remain silent and hidden from sight. These deadly assassins can kill an opponent with ease.

Shadows are a combo-based class who must carefully maintain their self-buffs between fights.  Some of their combos unlock follow-ups, thus requiring you to move back and forth between buffing and dealing raw damage.

The Shadow class was a derivative of the MindCloud codebase developed and created by Zarius.

Shadows have been modified for Dark Skies by Akurei.

Shadow Powers[]

Shadowlearn - Learn the ways of the shadow.

Soulseek  - Deal 3 melee attacks to whomever you have targeted with soultarget.  You don't need to be in the same room as your target.

Soultarget - Target the soul of your victim. (Must be used, to use Soulseek)

Shadowwalk  - Travel

Scry - Find your victim from anywhere.

Svanish - Vanish from sight.

Shield - Shield yourself from scrying eyes.

Truesight - See what normal people cannot see.

Formless - Class form with resist/melee bonuses.

Shadow Combos[]

st;gc;sr = shroud, adds a 2 in 25 chance to dodge which is calculated after your initial parry dodge, making this a significant damage reduction.  Must be activated to use the strike combo.

dt;sr;ms = Shadow Storm, this removes gear from your opponent.  The game rolls a  1 in 7 chance for each slot.

ca;ks;ks = Knife Barrier - adds 3 autoattacks each round to your melee.  Must be activated to use the Unleash combo.

gc;dt;ks = Unleash knife barrier.  When used you will target a random location on your opponents body, the effect of which is unknown.

sr;ms;gc = Strike - This bleeds your opponent causing them to take additional damage each round.  Must have shroud activated to use.

ws;ws;ks = Bloodrage, adds 1 extra autoattack each round and ups your damage.  Buff that must be active to use Bloodlust.

ks;ws;ws = Bloodlust - highest damage midround, available only in bloodrage

ca;dt;st = shadowform, reduces damage dealt by half and received by 3/5.  Conflicts with Shroud-only one or the other can be active at the same time.  In PvP shroud is preferred.

Shadow Strategy[]

The AI follows a simple routine that I recommend.  This assumes you do not have your 2nd class artifact, which allows you to have an additional buff active before combat starts.

  1. Have Shroud and Knife Barrier active before the fight starts.  Queue up the first two moves of bloodrage before combat begins.
  2. Try to get the first hit.
  3. Use knifespin as your first midround to activate bloodrage.
  4. use Strike to bleed your opponent.
  5. spam bloodlust until bloodrage wears off.  reactivate bloodrage or shroud if they fall off.