Dark Skies - A Godwars MUD Wiki

Fire shinobi: full psyche build

combat rotation: jutsus phoenix, repeat, repeat, repeat

Earth Shinobi: full hr/dr build

combat rotation: Jutsus easpi, jutsus easpi, jutsus fire breath, jutsus absorption

Taijutsus shinobi: full AC build

combat rotation: totally situational

gale - useful against combo classes: monk/assassin/ninja/taijutsus/samurai

whirlwind - rarely hits for me, i dont recommend it

rising wind - starts the big finisher combo (rising, shadow, lion)

Spinning wheel - I dont see the benefit personally

Sky Kick - knocks your opponent down

useful combos:

not so much combos as timing based attacks

You want your opponent on the ground before you jutsus palm strike their face off.

to put them on the ground there are a couple methods

You can do a single Jutsus Lion. If you see that your lion hits them twice, they are on the ground and will take more damage from a jutsus palm strike. if you only see one attack from it, you missed.

You can do a single jutsus sky and put them on the ground. You will have time for no more than one palm strike to their face

You can do jutsus rising, jutsus shadow, jutsus lion to do a massive attack which will leave them on the ground for no more than 2 palm strikes to the face - disclaimer: there is a bit of lag after the jutsus lion so if you're going to do this, i recommend doing it as a finishing move because of the damage, not so that you can do 2 palmstrikes to the face

when they're in the air (jutsus rising, jutsus whirlwind) you can do jutsus shadow to prepare for a big attack

if you jutsus shadow, your next attack realisitcally should be either lion (finishing move) or sky (vorp)

there is almost no lag on the sky finishing move, so i recommend this as an opener

To summarize:

open with jutsus rising, shadow, sky (if you have it)

if you dont have sky: open with jutsus rising, shadow, lion

and then try to maximize your palm strike efficiency (when they're on the ground)

if you do have sky, open with rising/shadow/sky, then rising/shadow/lion, and then maximize palm strike damage

I dont play other shinobi, so please put your updates here