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Sorcerors are a midround-dependent class with a large number of unique abilities. Because of this they require some thought and planning to play. They are one of the weakest classes in regular melee. Weak melee also means that the choices you make about what midrounds to use matter a great deal.

Sorcerer's were updated recently, granting them new spells as well as the ability to quickcast.  The following descriptions have been edited to reflect these changes, but not all of the new spells have been tested yet.

Sorcerors are widely considered to be a "detox class," a class that many characters switch to at high tier but do not begin with.  However they can be effective even at tier 1 by spamming Fireball.

Sorcerors have access to the following commands:

SPELLQUEST Determine what spell you wish to try and find.
MAGICBEAD Use this to travel to the mist, where all new spells can be found.
COMPLETEQUEST When you've found the final room in the mist, type this to get the manuscript.
CANCELQUEST Give up on your quest for a new spell.
QUICKCAST Lags you 25% less than spellcast but deals 25% less damage, leading to equal DPS at a higher mana cost.
SPELLCAST Used to cast all Sorceror spells


A Sorceror learns new spells by questing for them. After using magicbead, you will be transported to a new area and must follow the clues to find your new spell. The Spellquest area designates the finish room and which direction the player must leave that room to complete the quest (for example, you may need to get to room 1904 and leave in the east direction in order to be taking to the finishing room). Each tick checks their current room and calculates which direction they'd need to move in order to get there, gives the player a hint for one of those directions.In the target room it gives them a hint as to which direction to move to get to the finish room. Here are some examples of those hints:

  • If you see an animal, go in the direction of the first letter of its name. Snake slitering = south. Eagle = east, wolverine = west, unicorn =up, etc.
  • Ignore the booming voice, listen to the other voice.
  • Worms pop up after the rain = go up
  • Sunrise = Go East
  • Sunset = Go West
  • Temperature lowers = south (direction that birds migrate)
  • Temperature rises = north


Capricorn pommels are suggested, as well as coral hilts.  This will cause you to regen more mana in combat, which is useful because Sorcerers burn through mana quickly--especially when quickcasting.  It is also recommended that you forge quality 5 staff talismen onto every piece of equipment you own.  Not only do staff talismen improve your midround damage, but quality 5 staff talismen give noticably more mana regen and appear to synergize with capricorn pommels.

Psyche is a sorceror's most important stat.  Use hawks instead of insignias from the arena.  Try to find the dragon scale leggings and the Branch of the Yggrsadil in the lost forest area.  Upgrade psyche on your arch equipment.


All spells are compared at maximum study level unless otherwise specified.

Arc Brass[]

Arc Brass can temporarily paralyze anyone caught in its range.

  • This spell is swappable with Dragon Slave.
  • The stun effect will only trigger during a fight.  
  • Approximately 50% of the time your opponent will be lagged.

Astral Vine[]

  • This spell adds two guaranteed hits per round, and drains mana while active.  It does not deactivate during barrier. 


  • This spell heals you and absorbs all damage. The barrier has a chance to break with every hit dealt, and multi-hit abilities get one chance for each hit. Timing with this ability is important; time it so that it triggers right before your opponent activates their most devastating abilities, and release the barrier when your opponent lags themselves or after a powerword is used. Note that every time you use this ability it costs you one fireball worth of damage. so do not use it more than twice in a fight, at maximum. Generally barrier is saved until the end of combat.


  • This spell is gained through use of the Blood Gems artifact.  Boost increases the damage of the next spell you cast.
  • The Boost spell will lag you for 1 second and increases the damage of your next spell by 40%.
  • The mana cost, efficacy, and casting speed of Boost is completely unaffected by quickcast.
  • Boost adds more DPS to spells with a longer cast time, as a lower fraction of time is spent on actually casting the Boost spell (which does no damage by itself).  For example, spellcasting fireball with boost will add 11% dps, but only+4.6% dps to a quickcasted fireball.
  • Boost is even more effective if precast before combat, but it will wear off so you must time it.
  • Chain recasting boost even in the middle of a fight will usually add to your DPS.
Boost+Fireball Spell Testing Data
Testing Phase Results
1. Conduct baseline experiment by spellcasting fireball at cubes 30 times

125316 129808 128005 126062 128678 126085 125302 128208 130460 128783 128605 129904 125827 131506 129081 126828 125214 130702 128901 124372 124453 129443 126381 131005 131872 126122 125732 132135 129355 131478

2. Determine baseline by analyzing data from step 1 Average = 128187.4 damage, 4 seconds of lag per cast, = 32047 DPS
3. Conduct quickcast fireball baseline experiment by quickcasting fireball at cubes 30 times

99235 98641 96463 96410 97305 94194 94548 97914 97485 98802 93564 98508 97536 93975 93942 94895 97871 96684 97425 96156 99210 95636 96606 93670 98343 94037 96862 93430 97969 93910

4. Determine quickcast fireball baseline by analyzing data from step 3 Average = 96374.2 damage, 3 seconds of lag per cast, = 32124 DPS (statistically equal to spellcast)
5. Conduct fireball spellcast with boost experiment (30 reps)

174807 182370 183317 176986 183268 178518 180199 176425 178327 176223 177287 177968 185314 178579 182971 175089 174497 180026 181309 169281 184984 179623 171121 178102 181522 175411 176915 180405 178225 175956 176700 184506 172702 176035 180740 178680 176860 181192 184974 179704 183061

6. Determine boost+spellcast fireball DPS by analyzing data from step 5 Average = 178784.9 damage (+40% damage), 5 seconds of lag per cast = 35757 DPS (11% boost)
7.  Conduct fireball quickcast with boost experiment (30 reps)

130765 136144 132886 134874 132127 134469 138652 135333 132078 137982 127870 138755 137156 131883 134100 132993 134661 133290 137184 135301 132838 138895 138123 133575 133067 135063 135579 130866 131518 135399

8.  Determine boost+quickcast fireball DPS by analyzing data from step 7 Average = 134447.5 damage (+40% damage), 4 seconds of lag per cast = 33611 DPS (4.6% boost)

Bram Blazer[]

Bram Blazer will deal moderate damage while depleting some of the target's mana.

  • This spell deals 89% of Fireball's DPS. The only time this spell should be used is when you are in danger of running out of mana. It does have a slightly faster casting time than Fireball (3.8 seconds vs Fireball's 4).
  • This spell is gained at Tier 5, and exchanges with Vlave Howl.
  • Bram Blazer requires at least 6% of your mana left to be cast.
  • This spell actually restores your mana while draining your opponent's mana pool. Out of combat it will slowly deplete your mana pool, but in combat with a capricorn pommel you will gain your mana back over time.
  • Testing Data VS AI:
    • Damage by bram: 235116;251442;240527;217307;222883;226767;216770;253778;244885;217501;214598;225599
    • Damage by fireball: 299151;294234;253922;268364;276024;291812;296771;257290;265969;265424

Burst Rond[]

Use Burst Rond to lay waste to the room with a barrage of fiery bullets.

  • This spell becomes available at Tier 3.
  • This spell is a vanilla AoE that hits every creature in the room once for approximately half the damage of Fireball. It is very powerful in MMK and is a strict upgrade to gas breath.
  • Lags you for 3.5 seconds per cast, or 2.0 seconds on quickcast with an equivalent decrease in damage.
  • To do: is it strong vs shadow clones or golems?

Dark Mist[]

  • This spell causes the room you are in to turn dark, which means no one can see in the room except for you. It will also make you invisible on who. It does not drain your mana but will wear off after roughly a minute and will cancel if you attempt to move.  It can be useful for getting the first hit.


You can rid yourself of normally non-dispellable poisons with Dicleary.

  • This spell becomes available at Tier 3.
  • Cofirmed to cure a Droid's venomspit

Diem Wing[]

Diem Wing creates a sudden gust of wind to push you or your opponent out of the room.

  • This spell lags for 5.275 seconds (updated), and hurls your opponent out of the room or into a wall.
  • Diem Wing cannot be quickcast.
  • Diem Wing will hurl your opponent more than one room away, and will ignore doors.
  • Hurl mechanics are complex, and its success rate depends upon the number of exits that are available.
    • Let a corner be defined as an unavailable exit in the north south east or west position.
    • In a room with 4 available exits and 1 corner, Ray Wind has a 37.5% chance to succeed, a 37.5% chance to fail, and a 25% chance to hurl your opponent into a wall.
    • In a room with 3 available exits and 2 corners, Ray Wind has a 33% chance to succeed, a 60% chance to fail, and a 20% chance to hurl your opponent into a wall.
    • In a room with 2 exits and 2 corners, Ray Wind has a 0% chance to succeed, a 50% chance to fail, and a 50% chance to hurl your opponent into a wall.
    • Finally, in a room with exits up and down only, Ray wind has a 50/50 chance of success and will never hurl your opponent into a wall.

Digu Volt[]

Digu Volt electrifies an opponent and causes them to go into a state of shock.

  • This spell becomes available at Tier 4.
  • Digu Volt does the same damage as Fireball, but lags you for 5 seconds instead of 4, dealing 80% of Fireballs dps (quite low).
  • The spell has a 50% chance to knock down your opponent, interrupting any channeled midrounds. This chance is unaffected by quickcasting, so it is recommended that you always quickcast this spell.
  • Digu does not interrupt combos and is ineffective vs avengers, ninjas, fire shinobi, monks etc.
  • It does interrupt sorcerers and a droid's photon cannon.

Dragon Slave[]

The Dragon Slave is a very powerful spell that can attack someone from a distance.

  • A three-step spell that can hit opponents outside of your room.  Quickcasting will remove one of the steps as well as one of the three hits.
  • Has a nine-second total casting time and delivers roughly the same DPS as Fireball (95% at 30233 DPS vs cubes)
  • With Boost, Dragon Slave delivers an impressive 35910.6 DPS vs Cubes, the same DPS as using Fireball with Boost (surprisingly, since a boosted Dragon's Slave has a 10 second total casting time I would have expected it to have more DPS than a boosted fireball).

Dug Haut[]

Summon an array of earthen spikes with Dug Haut, damaging your opponent and his armor.

  • This spell becomes available at Tier 4.
  • As with any primary DPS midround, Dug Haut needs to be studied to level 5 to be effective.
  • Dug Haut hits 7-8 times when it is not being quickcast, lags for 4.5 seconds, and does 88% of the DPS of fireball at max study level.
  • It progressively damages your opponent's gear, meaning that the first time the spell it cast it is unlikely to remove any of your opponent's armor.  By the time you have cast the spell a fourth time it will start removing multiple pieces of gear with every hit.  Unfortunately by the fourth cast the fight is usually already over, and the loss of DPS over fireball is enough to cost you the fight.
  • Quickcasting this spell will roughly double the amount of gear pieces removed, with most pieces being removed in the last round, but chain quick casting will burn through your mana rapidly.  However chain quick casting this spell from the beginning of the fight is the most effective way to use it--and it is still usually worse than fireball spam.
  • Testing Logs
    • Methodology: fireballs vs cubes with no buffs except stoneskin (track damage, calc dps over 4 secs)
      • average(173890;179286;183858;176569;181011;186591;185042;184637;176428;181644;185005;181752;183087;178700;177310;186999;181066;186120;179245;185447;184302;179579;182216;176840;180835;179982;176813;187023;187082;183586;179384;187089;185939;181128;185856;178489;179942;178046;177014;184087;176431;185968;182931;179194;182567;185130;184202;178085;182321;184702;176494;181525;180056;181476;178567) fireball 181610 average damage, 45403 DPS
Dug Haut Spellcasting Test Data vs Cubes
# of Dug Hits Total Damage Dealt Per cast
7 166887
7 174612
7 173776
8 193011
7 175381
7 175379
8 195247
7 166839
8 201181
7 168662
7 169697
8 193831
8 203494
7 168443
AVERAGE: 7.36 hits AVERAGE: 180406 damage (40102 DPS)
Equipment Removal Testing vs AI
Spar # # of Dug Hits # of gear pieces removed
1 8 0 removals
1 8 1 removals
1 8 3 removals
1 7 8 removals (12 total, normal cast)
2 7 0 removals
2 7 0 removals
2 7 1 removals
2 8 7 removals
2 7 4 removals (12 total, normal cast)
3 7 0 removals
3 8 0 removals
3 7 3 removals
3 8 6 removals (9 total, normal cast)
4 6 0 removals
4 5 0 removals
4 5 0 removals
4 6 2 removals
4 6 4 removals
4 5 7 removals (13 total, quick cast)
5 6 0 removals
5 6 0 removals
5 6 1 removals
5 5 2 removals
5 5 1 removals
5 6 7 removals
5 6 15 removals (26 total, quick cast)
6 5 0 removals
6 5 0 removals
6 5 0 removals
6 6 1 removals
6 6 3 removals
6 5 7 removals
6 5 4 removals
6 6 9 removals (24 removals, quick cast)

Dust Chip[]

Dust Chip showers the area with shards of ice, damaging anyone that doesn't move to avoid them.

  • Damages your opponent over time, similar to an Undead Knight's Powerword: Flames ability.
  • Studyspell points improve this spell's duration.
  • This spell lets you "frontload" damage, making it a good opener vs the AI.
  • This spell will not deal damage to mobiles.
  • Lags you for 3.25 seconds, and can be quickcast in even less time (which reduces the spell's duration).

Elmekia's Lance[]

The Elmekia Lance deals moderate damage and heals slightly.

  • This spell becomes available at Tier 4.
  • Lags for 4 seconds and has 72% of fireball's DPS but heals you for 1-4% of your maximum HP (average 2%).
  • There is no relationship between the amount of damage dealt by the Lance and the amount that you are healed for.
  • I rarely use this spell, because it drains more mana than fireball and does not keep up with fireball's throughput. However if you want to outlast your opponent, it is a good choice. In fights where the opponent has a finite resource to spend to power their abilities, lance shines.
    • Though I have yet to find a niche for Elmekia's Lance in PvP, at study level 5 it will virtually guarantee that you receive hero medals in medium Battle Arenas.


Fireball is a fire-based damage spell of moderate power.

  • The gold standard against which all other spells are compared.  This is a Sorcerer's most commonly cast spell.
  • Lags for 4 seconds, or 3 seconds when quickcast (with no overall DPS change).  This is your higest DPS and best midround, but it has a long casting time that leaves you vulnerable to interrupts.

Flare Arrow[]

Flare Arrow is a simple fire-based damage spell.

  • Lags for 2.8-3 seconds and delivers DPS statistically equivalent to Fireball. However, this spell will drain your mana much faster. Sorcerors sometimes use this ability as a finisher because its damage chain is delivered more quickly.
Flare Arrow Spellcasting Test Data
# of Arrows Launched Damage Dealt
9-12: 86987.2 (31067 DPS)


  • Flowbreak works both as a targeted spell on a player or may be used without a target on the room the player is casting in. Vs a player, its effects are class-dependent: against a sorc it'll cancel the spell they are currently casting, remove their barrier, darkmist, magicfield. visfarank, protect, swightflange, astralvine, and resurrection spells, and drop their boost; against shadows it clears their current combo and drops one random combo effect; against monk/assinit drops their chi level by 1; against kekk it removes their daotsu; against phoenix itremoves their engulf; against lich it destroys their golem but allows them to summon another one immediately. When used on the room flowbreak kills any room powers (shin roompowers, special walls, sorc howlfreeze) and prevents any standard cast magic in the room (including the sorc's). It won't stop spells cast from objects.

Freeze Arrow[]

  • Fires 9-12 damage-dealing arrows (6-7 on quickcast) that each have a 50% chance to lag your opponent for a small duration.
  • Lags the Sorcerer for 4 seconds per cast (2.5 seconds on quickcast), but delivers only 58% of the DPS of Fireball.
  • I'm not fond of this spell in general because I have not found a niche where it would be better than Fireball spam. Against Dragons (a heavy midround class), Freeze Arrow will cost you the fight. Against a heavy melee class, such as a Tanar'ri, Freeze Arrow has been a wash.
Freeze Arrow Quickcasting Test Data
# of Arrows Launched # of Freezes Damage Dealt
6 5 42486
7 5 51470
6 4 40317
7 5 47998
7 6 51089
6 3 45107
6 5 45249
6 3 43040
7 3 48970
7 5 47021
6 2 45475
6 4 42259
7 4 49641
6 3 44618
6 5 40776
7 4 47748
6 2 40902
6 3 43466
7 5 50913
6 3 40890
7 3 49908
7 2 51657
6 1 45156
6 1 41504
7 3 48978
7 6 51051
6 5 44057
7 3 51755
7 4 50977
6 5 45279
7 3 48693
6 4 43887
AVERAGE: 46311.9

Goz vu Rou[]

Goz vu Rou can pull a person out of a spiritual plane and attack them.

Gou Lou Dagger[]

  • Summons a shadow stone dragon that may attack either the opponent or the caster. It does roughly 4k melee damage per round, depending on the toughness of your opponent. It will last a few rounds if attacked.

Howl Freeze[]

  • A room effect spell that lags your opponent. This spell drains mana as long as it is active. To deactivate the room effect simply cast the spell again or walk out of the room.


  • Functions as your class travel command.

Light Ball[]

  • Lags for 3.25 seconds, has a 50% chance to successfully stun opponent (ends combat, minor lag to opponent). Is also a rare "true blind" ability; unlike a monk's darkblaze, this ability will actually disable your opponent's truesight, causing him to be unable to target you with certain abilities.

Magic Field[]

  • A spell cast on the room you are in. It stops people from fleeing and drains your mana as long as it is on.


The Ragnablade draws on the power of chaos to create a blade of immense power.

  • This spell is only accesible if you are wearing the Tome of Chaos special sorcerer artifact
  • This spell creates a two-handed weapon that you wield automatically. This ups your melee damage considerably:
    • [Both hands    ] (Relic) \\>v^V[cccc|| RagnaBlade v^>v^>v^>v^>>>>
  • Ragnablade has a short duration, and you will need to rewear your weapons after it wears off.
  • This spell gives access to the commands menage, kesagiri, tsuki, and kiriage, which are used to deal combo damage.
    • ​You have access to only one combo while wielding the Ragnablade.  To activate it you must use three separate combo moves in any order.  It is recommended that you create aliases to make this process easier.
    • The midround DPS of your Ragnablade combo pales in comparison to fireball, doing exactly half of its DPS.  Your melee damage will make up for this.  It takes a total of nine seconds to complete one Ragnablade combo, the same casting time as Dragon Slave.
  • Any attempt to remove the Ragnablade will destroy it.  This means that it is impossible to identify, but the blade does appear to have Vorpal and upped my melee damage by 1/3rd, enough to allow me to out-melee a Tanarri (a class that normall stomps a sorcerer's melee).
  • Essentially this blade turns you from a midround-heavy class into a melee-heavy one, allowing you to win fights that you otherwise could not.
  • If you cast any spells while wielding the Ragnablade it disappears.  This includes using your class travel.  This makes your combat sequences extremely plain and this lack of versatility is the primary weakness of the blade.
Ragnablade Testing against a Tanarri AI
Ragna Combo Damage Fireball Damage
31791+30684+82600+85163+84991 (35025 DPS) 271695 (67924 DPS)
32364+31551+84192+90157+83621 (35765 DPS) 273243 (68311 DPS)
31870+31870+86875+85043+88109 (35974 DPS) 274282 (68571 DPS)
30282+31787+83845+82416+89414 (35305 DPS) 279457+332519 (76497 DPS)
Ragna Midround Average DPS: 35517 Fireball Average DPS: 70326

Ra Tilt[]

The Ra Tilt is an extremely powerful spell that drains life force.

  • Ra Tilt is a 3 step spell that lags for 10.5 seconds on normal cast. It has 77% of the DPS of Fireball, but it heals you for about 16% of the damage dealt by the spell. If you add the amount healed to the damage dealt by Ra Tilt, its DPS improves to 105% of fireball's.
  • Ra Tilt is gained at Tier 5, and it is a guaranteed spell for all Sorcerers.
  • The damage dealt by Ra Tilt and the amount it heals appears to be related; a higher damage roll will result in more healing.
  • Ra Tilt can be quickcast, shortening its casting time to 6.875 seconds.
  • Sparring vs AI Data:
    • Ra damage dealt: 602116, healed: 103261 (4.8% of total hp)
    • damage dealt: 721565, healed: 113078 (5.2%)
    • damage dealt: 580824, healed: 99554 (4.6%)
    • damage dealt: 502527, healed: 82423 (3.8%) vs your fireball 297495
    • damage dealt: 593915, healed: 96528 (4.5%) vs your fireball 290300
    • damage dealt: 558121, healed: 92585 (4.3%) vs your fireball 288752
    • damage dealt: 531725, healed: 86270 (4.0%) vs your fireball 256516
    • damage dealt: 528300, healed: 85889 (4.0%) vs your fireball 263855
    • fireball dps 69846, Ra tilt, 54989 (78.7% of Fireball). If you include health gained ra tilt's dps improves to: 64032 (91.6% of fireball). Because Ra Tilt is labeled as a "drain," if you assume the opponent is dealt additional damage equal to the amount healed, ra tilt deals 105% of fireball's DPS.


  • A basic healing spell which can be targetted at either yourself or another player.

Shadow Snap[]

  • This spell removes your weapon and throws it onto the ground, preventing your opponent from fleeing. Your opponent must "get all" to move. It is better used as an escape ability.

Vlave Howl[]

Vlave Howl fills the room with lava, damaging opponents while it lasts.

  • This spell is cast on the Sorcerer's room. It deals it's damage only while in combat in that room, at the beginning of each combat round (similar to an Undead Knight's Powerword: Flames ability).
  • Study points are believed to improve this spell's duration, not the damage it deals per round.
  • Data on the exact damage done by this spell is difficult to collect, but it is believed to be comparable to Powerword: Flames and poison (roughly -2% of the opponent's hp per round).
  • Vlave Howl+Dragon Slave is an excellent opener vs non-attacking AI. Vlave Howl+Dust Chip does reasonably well in the Gladiator's Coliseum.
  • This spell does not deal damage to mobiles.

Windy Shield[]

Windy Shield creates a barrier of wind around you, which blocks all incoming damage for a brief time.

  • Study points will increase the window of time that windy shield will block damage.  It needs to be maxed in order to be useful without extremely precise timing.
  • This spell is useful to prevent avenger chained midround damage.  It can counter a demon's blink with precise timing.  It is also useful versus midrounds that have to "wind up", e.g. a Droid's photon cannon, a sorcerer's fireball or Dragon Slave, or a fire shinobi.  But keep in mind that using Windy Shield prevents you from delievering your own midround damage, and therefore a significant amount of damage must be prevented to be worth it.
  • Quickcasting does not appear to affect this spell in any way.
  • The Boost spell will increase Windy Shield's duration.