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The drows are known for spawning elite warriors, and from the very best of this fighter elite, Lloth chooses her champions, and blesses them with powers way beyond that of normal drows. These creatures are called driders, and among them exist a few who are so close to their goddess that she has blessed them with superior bodies. These are the Spider Droids, the machine beings who spread chaos and havoc in the name of the Spider Queen, their goddess Lloth.

Spider Droids operate by first implanting various parts onto their body in order to learn new systems, with which the Droid is then able to activate. Activating systems has a range of effects: some will improve your melee abilities, some will give you additional commands, and some seem somewhat useless in most situations but are designed to help counter specific classes. The best way to get a handle on the class is to test every system independently during your newbie time to try and figure out what they do. Use the clues given with 'implant <part>' to guide you.


Spider droids are a custom class written by Blackout.

Droid Abilities[]



SYSTEM View and adjust your SYSTEM setup
SETUP Create a pre-configured system for future use
CONFIGURE Automatically change from your current setup to one of your custom setups
IMPLANT Graft mechanical parts on to your body.
AVATAROFLLOTH Accept Lloth into your body, greatly improving your power.
PREACH Communicate with other Driders
LLOTH List the members of the Church of Lloth.
WEB Entangle your opponent in a sticky web, preventing their ability to flee.
SCRY Locate mobs & players.
READAURA Scan a target's attributes.

Droid Pros[]

  • Versatile.
  • Probably the best in the game at material farming, and second best vs mobiles in general (second to liches). Droids are great tanks.

Droid Cons[]

  • Probably the most poorly-documented, arcane, difficult class in the game to learn.
  • If you ever end up in combat without time to carefully prepare your systems, expect to lose.

Droid Guide[]

Go for +hitroll and +damroll on your gear (adamantium slabs, etc). One way to separate droid setup is by what midround you want to use.

  • Photon cannon is the most common.  If you use it, you will need Kinetic for recharge.
  • Venomspit, if it is used, will be used in conjunction with photon cannon or missiles.  It is best used only once each combat, to poison your opponent at the beginning of the fight.  Venomspit+photon cannon is favored by a few droids.
  • Missiles system, which enables the "launch" command.  Generally this is only used if your setup does not leave you with enough power to use Photon Cannon.