Dark Skies - A Godwars MUD Wiki


The War Zone is a special area for fast-paced, balanced PK. Everyone inside the zone is set to the same tier and status level, which changes periodically and balances their powers. Upon entering, players are given a set of standard celtic equipment. You can pk anyone, and normal rules for gaining status and bonuspool apply.

To enter the War Zone, visit the room "South of the Temple" and go down. Go down again and you will be sent to a random room somewhere in the area. You can travel to other players in the area if they have a fight timer.  Otherwise you will have to hunt them down. To leave, you must find an exit and wait for your timer to expire, as you cannot travel or recall out.

Take note that when you enter your stats are cleared to remove all spell effects.  Make sure to reactivate any class powers/forms/etc if necessary.

If you are killed you will be sent to the War Zone healer.  There you can use the healme command to jump back into the action (at the cost of a few quest points ). Take note that some long-range abilities, such as the Sorcerer's Dragon Slave, are restricted to being used from two rooms away.