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Entropy (spell levels) vs Psyche -- Which is better for bless?

This test was conducted vs AI in arena sparring matches, with identical settings in all cases.

Base dmg per chant unblessed:


=158299 avg damage unblessed



all 6 spell colors set to affentropy.  total spell levels: 590


=175409 avg w affentropy

370 eqp used before, 490 after, so each entropy bless color costs 20 eqp to grant +10 to all spell levels

=10.8% buff to damage for 120 eqp, or +0.009% dmg/eqp

vs x3 psyche bless (no other effects):

370 eqp before, 673 after, for 1012*3 (3036) +psyche total. Blessing psyche yields +10 psyche per eqp, which is equivalent to arch upgrades, and better than mystic steel's 7.5 psyche per eqp.

2960 psyche base, 5996 psyche total after pbless (3 colors set to psyche):


=199461 avg with blessed psyche

=26% buff to damage for 303 eqp, or +0.0858% dmg/eqp--roughly 10x better return per eqp than entropy. Psyche is the better bless option.